Page Specific Dynamic E- Marketing Spots

Scenario: Present page specific information on category pages/products /SKU's /content pages which uses layouts.

Solution: We can leverage the "page specific e-marketing spot" feature of widget in composer

  1. Open layout layout which will be used for the product pages (i.e. category page layout as shows above in screen shot)
  2. From the design layout section select the e-marketing spot type to "Page-Specific e-marketing spot"
  3. Provide suffix "Row4_CatEntries" , which we will use to create the espots ending with that suffix as shown below.

  1. So  when we are on the "Boys" department it will pickup the "BoysRow4_CatEntries" espot and when we go to "Electronics" category page then it will pick "ElectronicsRo4_CatEntries"

  1. Have attached different titles content to these espots to display the different content.

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