WCM Menu Pagination ( or WCM Navigator Pagination)

1.     WCM Menu Results Pagination  (Navigator Results Pagination)

There is simple way to get the WCM Menu (WCM Navigator) results by passing the page number in URL.Pass following parameter to Menu Component or Navigator component in URL


E.g: We can simply navigate to different pages of WCM menu results using the simple URL like below

1.      Accessing the Library component directly


2.      Accessing Content item that references the Menu/Nav component


(This approach helps to build applications with AJAX nature to load results on-demand instead of all results at once)

Simple Menu Configuration

2.     Dynamically Set the WCM Menu (or Navigator) Component page size

Similar to the WCM_Page  parameter, there is another parameter (WCM_PageSize)that we can pass to set the Menu or Navigator component page size as below


E.g: (Following example set the menu page size to 3 and get the second page of the menu results).

3.     Reset State of Pagination parameters

WCM stores these parameters in the session (if session exists), above examples are anonymous so WCM doesn’t store any information related to those and it returns whatever we pass in parameters.
But in authenticated scenario, if we set the page size in first request , then WCM persists that information and when you access another results page , it considered previously set page size and returns the results accordingly.

Following parameter is used to rest those previously stored parameter values
“WCM_Page.ResetAll = true” this will reset the state of above parameters

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