WCM Configuration Settings Specific To Virtual Portal

From WCM 8.x releases we can scope the WCM libraries to specific virtual portal , there may be lot of situations where you need configure different WCM Config Service settings specific to virtual portal.

For WCM Config Service settings, Navigate to

Resources > Resource Environment > Resource Environment Providers >WCM WCMConfigService > Custom properties.

1.     Setting unique configuration for each virtual portal

You can set this for either host name or context path
Host name:

Context path:

E.g: vp.hrportal.context=hrportal   (for hr virtual portal like /wps/myportal/hrportal/welcome)

2.     Defining virtual portal scoped configuration

propertykey.vp.uniquename= override_value

a. For customizing the link generated in email for the specific virtual portal(hrportal)

wcm.authoringui.url.vp.hrportal= http://${WCM_HOST}:${WCM_PORT}/${WCM_WPS_CONTEXT_ROOT}/${WCM_WPS_PERSONALIZED_HOME}/hrportal/wcmAuthoring

b. Configuring subscriber only setting for virtual portal (hrportal)  

deployment.subscriberOnly.vp.hrportal = true

NOTE: default subscriber only value = false for all other portals(Base and virtual portals) except hrportal

3.     Settings specific to base portal

You can specify configuration specific to base portal only like below

wcm.authoringui.url.base = http://${WCM_HOST}:${WCM_PORT}/${WCM_WPS_CONTEXT_ROOT}/${WCM_WPS_PERSONALIZED_HOME}/wcmAuthoring

4.     Settings that are global

If you specify any setting without (.vp.uniquename) or  (.base) are applied across all portals (base and virtual portals).

If the base configuration for a setting is different from all the virtual portals, it is more efficient to use a base override setting. To do this, add this setting:enable.base.portal.overrides=true


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