Short Text Element Type in WCI feed (WCM Content Integrator)

Web Content Integrator was introduced in the portal 6.1.5 and it is one of best way to import the content into the WCM from the external systems and used this tool so many times in different migrations . But wondered to see that documentation for the short text element is missing in IBM Infocenter/Lotus wiki's product documentation.

Usually you can use text element in feed alternatively like below,

<ibmwcm:element name="Headline">
<ibmwcm:value>New Product Released</ibmwcm:value>

But in scenarios where short text element may be good fit if you are planning to store the string of 255 characters or less (255 bytes).   To use short text element in the feed use it as below

<ibmwcm:element name="userid">


  1. v8.5
  2. V8.0
  3. V7.0
  4. V6.1.5 :

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