IBM WAS Liberty Profile

Liberty profile saves hours of development time  for WebSphere developers with its simplicity and configurable modules architecture. Especially when working with WebSphere Application Server where it includes so many integration components (ofcourse they are so useful at enterprise level) and it may take longer times to publish changes or to restart the server. But modularized architecture (configurable features) of liberty profile make these changes almost instantly.

Few new features introduced in the WAS Liberty profile are
  1. Java Servlets 3.1
  2. Dynamic Routing
  3. Concurrency Utilities for Java EE1.0
  4. Javascript object Notation Processing (JSONP)
  5. Java API for WebSocket 1.0
  6. Java Persistence API 2.0
  7. Application Security 1.0

  1. Install Liberty profile development tools for eclipse
    1. From eclipse go to "eclipse marketplace" , help-->eclipse market place
    2. Enter the following in search box "IBM Websphere Application Server Liberty Profile Developer Tools"
    3. Select version specific to your eclipse

  1. Select all confirm

  1. After installation ask for restart of eclipse

  1. Install Liberty profile server runtime from eclipse
    1. To install the liberty profile runtime  , Eclipse Menu --> Window Preference -->Server --> Server Runtime
    2. Click on add to add new server runtime (make sure you have selected isntall from archive option)
    1. Select download and install a new runtime environment from and provide the installation directory.

  1. And select the optional plugin if any you want to install

  1. I just chose couple of sample applications while installing (but it is not mandatory , if not selected anything it just installs liberty profile runtime )

  1. Create a server profile
    1. Once the Liberty server runtime installed , now you can add/create the server profile from the eclipse servers view. (new --> server-->select liberty server runtime-->give the name of the server profile)


  1. Deploying the application on WAS Liberty profile
    1. You can deploy the applications different way just like tomcat, I mostly either drop the war/ear file in liberty profile dropins folder or add project direct from the eclipse. You can find the dropin folder in liberty installation.


IBM Connections Playground

Worked on the IBM Connections couple of years back and when I wanted to test small changes to Connections Theme or for any API development it wasn't easy .  But recently came across the IBM connections development playground where you can just use the IBM lotus greenhouse account and play with different API call to pull data (that uses IBM greenhouse account)

It provides both javascript and java code snippets and it is great way test simple api changes


Short Text Element Type in WCI feed (WCM Content Integrator)

Web Content Integrator was introduced in the portal 6.1.5 and it is one of best way to import the content into the WCM from the external systems and used this tool so many times in different migrations . But wondered to see that documentation for the short text element is missing in IBM Infocenter/Lotus wiki's product documentation.

Usually you can use text element in feed alternatively like below,

<ibmwcm:element name="Headline">
<ibmwcm:value>New Product Released</ibmwcm:value>

But in scenarios where short text element may be good fit if you are planning to store the string of 255 characters or less (255 bytes).   To use short text element in the feed use it as below

<ibmwcm:element name="userid">


  1. v8.5
  2. V8.0
  3. V7.0
  4. V6.1.5 :