DOJO Templates parsing is failed because of WebSeal Junction Cookie

PROBLEM: DOJO failed to load the page , i.e. failed to parse the template  

REASON: we have dojo templates name " sometemplate-name.html " and webseal junction that we use have junction cookie enabled (created junction with -j  option)

Webseal is adding following (junction cookie in the script block) to all .html pages, caused DOJO widget templates also got this script block added at end and failed to parse the template.
SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
document.cookie = "IV_JCT=%2Ftestjunct1; path=/";

Solution : Simplest solution we tried is rename the template file name to "sometemplate-name.txt"  (used ".txt" instead of the ".html")

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  1. This matches an issue we are experiencing with Alfresco behind Webseal - did you investigate any other solutions? We don't control the source code for the product so can't change the template names unfortunately