WebSphere Portal v8.5 : What’s New

Recently was looking at the upcoming Websphere Portal v8.5 features , some of major features introduced are as below

a.      Installation/Migration using Configuration Wizard

b.     Remote Search Configuration using Installation manager

c.      Create single PAA file for delta change releases

d.     WAB(web application bridge) : create preconfigured web dock portlets

Once the web dock portlets are configured it is easy to add the portlets

e.     Information Mode

Information mode displays more inline information.

f.       Ajax proxy configuration service (out bound http connections)

Instead of placing proxy-config.xml under WEB-INF/ directory , we can configure like a standard datastore-like configuration.

g.      Theme optimization analyzer

h.     Configuration wizard to deploy the PAA files

i.       Attribute based security in WCM

You can extend the access control permission checks for Web Content Manager content beyond the user or group-based decisions.

j.       Social rendering list templates

Easy to bring the connections data into portals

k.      Item syndication status

Users can determine whether an item is synchronized between the syndicator and subscriber, pending syndication, failed, or configured to be syndicated.

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