WebSphere Portal v8.5 : Removed/Depreciated features

Recently I was going through the list of features thats going to deprecate in upcoming websphere portal i.e. WP v8.5

1.     Features no longer supported

a.      Removed theme

The Portal 6.1.x themes, which includes Portal, PortalWeb2, and Tab Menu - Page Builder were removed. These themes migrate as is to WebSphere Portal 8.5, but they will no longer work and are no longer supported. You must manually update 6.1.x themes by merging their functionality into a clean copy of a Portal 8.5 theme on the target server.

2.     Deprecated features

a.      Shared Pages

Shared pages have been deprecated.

b.     Enabler Component

The Enabler component has been deprecated.

c.      LikeMinds and Feedback

The LikeMinds and Feedback database domains have been deprecated.

d.     Stand-alone LDAP user registry

The stand-alone LDAP user registry configuration is deprecated. Instead, configure the federated LDAP user registry. If you are migrating from WebSphere Portal Version 7.0 or 8.0 with a stand-alone LDAP user registry, you can continue to use your stand-alone LDAP user registry. However, you should run the wp-modify-federated-security to change to a federated LDAP user registry.

e.     Active Credentials

Active credentials are deprecated from the Credential Vault portlet. Passive credentials are still available.

f.       Parallel Portlet rendering

The Parallel Portlet rendering feature has been deprecated.

g.      Web Clipper

The Web Clipper portlet has been deprecated. Use the Virtual Web Application Manager portlet instead.

h.     Mashups Enabler API

The Mashups Enabler API has been deprecated.

i.       LTPA version 1 token

The LTPA version 1 token has been deprecated. WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5.5. disables the LTPA version 1 token by default. If you are integrating with third-party applications that rely on LTPA version 1, update the application to support LTPA version 2. If you cannot update the application, you must manually re-enable LTPA version 1 support after you complete the migration.

j.       Remote Rendering Portlet

The remote rendering portlet is now deprecated. The Web Content Viewer (JSR 286) portlet should be used instead.

k.      Web2Bookmarks portlet

The Web2Bookmarks portlet is no longer available for immediate use. Instead, download the portlet from the IBM WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog.

l.       Deprecated Theme

The WebSphere Portal Page Builder 7.x theme was deprecated.

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