Enable/configure the WCM workflow notification email capability-(Custom WCM Workflow Notification Email)-Part2

To use the email workflow action you must configure Web Content Manager to use your SMTP server.

a)      Log in to the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.
b)      Click Resources -> Resource Environment -> Resource Environment Providers -> WCM WCMConfigService -> Custom properties.
c)      Specify connect.connector.mailconnect properties to use your SMTP server.
Add the following properties:

Default SMTP server
a.      Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultsmtpserver
b.      Value: mail.yourmailserver.com

Default email address for "from" field
c.      Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultfromaddress
d.      Value: admin@yourmailserver.com

Default email address for "reply-to" field
e.      Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultreplytoaddress
f.       Value: admin@yourmailserver.com
d)      If you use a secured SMTP server, you will also need to specify a user name and password to access the SMTP server:
Add the following properties:

Default user name
a.      Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultusername
b.      Value: username

Default password
c.      Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultpassword
d.      Value: password
e)      Some customer's run their mail servers at other than the default port of 25.  The code changes in this fix add a new configuration parameter to allow for the customer to use a port other than 25
a.      connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultsmtpport

f)       Save your changes.
g)      Restart the portal for the new settings to take effect.


You may need set the below if you are using the username and password

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  2. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1PK95107

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