Create WCM workflow stages that includes the e-mail workflow actions-(Custom WCM Workflow Notification Email)-Part4

Configure the custom workflow actions in WCM Authoring

 By clicking "Select Action" button, will see all three actions to choose from
Just like above create remaining two also i.e one for the authors and another owners


Create workflow stages that includes above custom workflow actions

Make sure to add stage approvers here

define the four stages with appropriate actions


Create workflow with above stages

  1. Created simple workflow with four stages
    1. Draft
      1. no actions required
    2. Pending Approval
      1. Added “Send Email To Approvers with custom body” action on entering of stage
    3. Publish Stage
      1. Added “publish” action
      2. Added “Sent Email to Authors with custom body” action
      3. Added “Sent Email to Owners with custom body” action
    4. Expire stage
      1. Added “expire” action
      2. Added “Sent Email to Owners with custom body” action

Associate above workflow to Authoring Template

Once you updated (or created) the authoring template to point to above workflow , You can go ahead and create content using the about authoring template, emails should be shooting out to users based on the workflow stage ( don’t forget to add required users/groups to associated stages)


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