Customizing the WCM email body content (Custom WCM Workflow Notification Email)

After looking at the out-of-the-box WCM workflow notification emails, most of business customers feel they want a customize body of WCM email and look for the options to customize it.

Fig: Sample out of the box workflow notification email

But unfortunately there is no out-of-the-box configuration to update email body directly. And to accomplish this, only option left is by writing the custom work flow actions.
This article explains full details on how to configure and customize the WCM workflow notification emails.

Pros :
1.      We can customize the format of the WCM notification email
1.      Maintenance of this custom workflow modules

Performance : I don’t think we need to worry about the performance for this implementation as we will be executing this mostly on authoring environments, it shouldn’t affect production (rendering) system .( Assuming these custom actions are not included in the expiry stage and your syndication is setup  for “live items” only)

Download/Browse the Sample Code



Mapping LDAP email attribute to Portal -(Custom WCM Workflow Notification Email)-Part1

Make sure when you access the user profile from portal , email attribute is populated and if not following things need done to map the email attribute

a. update the following in the file (attributes will be there , just need add the value)

for standalone

for federated

NOTE: “mail” is e-mail property name in LDAP

b. execute the following ConfigEngine command

For standalone
./ wp-update-standalone-ldap-attribute-config -DWasPassword=password

For federated
./ wp-update-federated-ldap-attribute-config -DWasPassword=password

c. restart the server.

Once the portal is restarted check user e-mail value populated properly.