WSRP Part3 - Legacy Remote Rendering Portlet (IBM remote rendering portlet)

  1. Legacy Remote Rendering Portlet
    1. Initially I had confusion regarding the remote rendering portlet (ilwwcm-remoterendering-portlet.war) vs exposing JSR 286 content viewer portlet as WSRP.
    2. A remote rendering portlet can be used to display content within a portlet located on a different portal server than the instance of WebSphere Portal on which WCM is installed. A remote rendering portlet can be installed on WebSphere Portal versions 5.1, 6.0, or 6.1.
    3. But with WPS v7 onwards , remote rendering portlet is not installed by default and is available in the installableApps for the backward compatibility or for the migration purposes (C:\IBM\WP7\WebSphere\PortalServer\installableApps\ilwwcm-remoterendering-portlet.war).
    4. If we want to use the remote rendering process use the JSR 286 viewer with WSRP for better features and support.

2. Remote Rendering migration steps

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