WSRP Part2 - Remote Rendering - Configuring Consumer Portal and Consuming Portlet

1.      Setting WSRP Consumers
a.      Information Exchange checklist is same as producer portal.
b.      Security Configuration :
                                i.          It is similar to producer security configuration
                               ii.          Make sure to configure the "" to false as in producer config, if you don't want configure the security otherwise you get the error while creating the producer definition.
                              iii.          In addition , You can configure Portal Access Control for the WSRP services that you consume as remote portlets on your Consumer portal. When you consume WSRP services from a Producer portal in you Consumer portal, these remote portlets behave just like local portlets in your portal. You can assign access permissions to users on these portlets by using Portal Access Control.

c.      Producer Definition
                                i.     Types of Producer Definitions
      1. The Producer does not require registration.(can create either in online or offline mode)
      2. The Producer requires registration and is enabled for WSRP registration. In this case the Producer provides a registration port. (can create only in online mode)
      3. The Producer requires registration and is not enabled for WSRP registration. In this case you need to provide a registration handle that you obtained from the Producer. (can create either in online or offline mode).
                               ii.     Create Producer Definition
      1. Using Web Service Configuration portlet


2.      Using XML configuration interface : more details on this can found in info center (refer the links in references section)

                              iii.          Consuming the portlets
                                              1.          From the manage web modules portlet
                                                             a.          Click on the "consume"

To validate if the consumed portlet is available click on "monitor" icon in above screen.

Add the consumed WCM JSR 286 content viewer portlet on the page and configured the portlet

Configuring the portlet edit shared settings

NOTE: Just for testing and to make security setup simple I have disabled the wsrp security initially , but because of this I had to add the "anonymous portal users" access to the library to access the content from the producer portal .

                              iv.          NOTE:
                                              1.          Offline mode comes into picture when you want to create consumer in Staging environment but do not want to connect to prod until move to prod)
                                              2.          The current implementation of the WSRP Producer in the portal does not support the WSRP registration interface
                                              3.          you cannot use the Web Services Configuration portlet to perform the following tasks:
                                                             a.          Provide Web services: To provide your portlets and make them available to other portals as remote Web services, use the Manage Portlets portlet.
                                                             b.          Consume Web services: To integrate Web services provided by a Producer as remote portlets in your portal, use the Manage Web Modules portlet.

d.      Exporting customized portlets instances

1.      Using your portal as consumer
2.      Creating producer definition

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