IBM WebSphere Portal 7 Clustering : Federate and cluster the primary node

Federate and cluster the primary node

  1. Federate Node (add Node)
    1. Make sure Deploymnet Mgr is started and Websphere Portal and server1 are stopped

  1. Execute the following command to add node to DMGR

addNode.bat 8879 -username wasadmin -password wasadmin -includeapps -includebuses

./ <dmgr_hostname> <dmgr soap port> -username <dmgr admin ID> -password <dmgr user password> -includeapps -includebuses

NOTE: If the WAS administrator user ID and password for the local node are different than the Deployment Manager administrator user ID and password, add the following parameters to the addNode task:  -localusername local_was_admin_user -localpassword local_was_admin_password

  1. Restart the deployment manager

  1. Create cluster
    1. On the primary node, edit the <wp_profile>/ConfigEngine/properties/ file and ensure all of the following properties are set appropriately for your enviornment

WasUserId=<DMGR admin user ID>
WasPassword=<DMGR admin password>
WasRemoteHostName=<fully qualified hostname of DMGR>
WasSoapPort=<soap port for DMGR; default is 8879>

  1. Make sure DB userid/passwords are valid in the <wp_profile>/ConfigEngine/properties/ file

  1. Update the deployment manager configuration for the new WebSphere Portal server by executing the following ConfigEngine script:
ConfigEngine.bat cluster-node-config-post-federation -DWasPassword=wasadmin

  1. Create the cluster definition and add the WebSphere_Portal server as a cluster member by executing the following ConfigEngine script:
ConfigEngine.bat cluster-node-config-cluster-setup -DWasPassword=wasadmin

Following tasks get executed during the above task
  1. Created the cluster "PortalCluster"
  2. Hostnames are modified accordingly (Cell, node and port mappings)
  3. WCM caches are adjusted to cluster
  4. Data Replication domain has created
  5. Server dyna cache details are modified (global cache)
  6. Custom JVM properties are added ( like cacheconfig related)
  7. Updated WCM variables (like WCM_HOST , WCM_PORT , WCM_ILWWCM_HOME (to C:/IBM/WP72/WebSphere/PortalServer/wcm/prereq.wcm/wcm))
  8. Created icm property value on cluster
    1. Created documentURI="cells/SivaPCCell01/wp_properties/" (deleted file= "C:/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/PortalServer/jcr/lib/com/ibm/icm/")
  9. Enabled app security on cluster
  10. Sync nodes (nodeagent (NODE_AGENT), app servers (websphere_portal, server1), deployment manager (dmgr)).
  11. Started websphere_portal and set the managed node =true

  1. Login to DMGR console and validate the cluster is created properly and websphere_portal is added as member.

  1. Updating JCRSeedBus members
    1. Need to fix the JCRSeedBus because earlier it was pointing to node .

  1. Add new bus member
  1. Select "High availability" in next screen and click next
  2. Select "Data Store" radio button and click next
  3. Click on the JCRSeedBus and configure the db details
  1. Add following details
Datasource :: jdbc/<existing JCR datasource>
Schema :: JCR schema name ( can  get it from
Authentication alias : JCR authentication
  1. Click next and no changes to heap sizes and click "finish"
  2. You can remove the old bus member
  1. Restart all (DMGR, Nodeagent, Portal)


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