IBM Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) v6.2 : Configuring instance for the WebSphere Portal

  1. Add the suffix (dc=sivavaka, dc=com)
Open the "Instance Administration Tool" (run as administrator if you are using the windows) and suffix.

  1. Importing following ldif file with portal admin id and group (optionally ldap bind id) or creating them manually using some LDAP admin tool.

NOTE: portalusers.ldif file import may fail if you are running DB2 v9.7 with fix pack 1 , you need to upgrade that to fix pack level 2 (Check appendix for more details)

Pasting contents of portalusers.ldif file below (didn't include wpsbind user as I have used root user "cn=root" for the ldap binding).
version: 1

dn: dc=sivavaka,dc=com
objectclass: domain
objectclass: top
dc: sivavaka

dn: cn=users,dc=sivavaka,dc=com
cn: users
objectclass: container
objectclass: top

dn: cn=groups,dc=sivavaka,dc=com
objectclass: container
objectclass: top
cn: groups

dn: cn=wpsadmins,cn=groups,dc=sivavaka,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames
cn: wpsadmins
uniquemember: uid=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=sivavaka,dc=com

dn: uid=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=sivavaka,dc=com
cn:: wpsadmin
sn: wpsadmin
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
uid: wpsadmin
userPassword: wpsadmin
displayName:: wpsadmin

  1. If you use the LDAP bind id that is different from LDAP admin id , then make sure assign the ACL's properly to provide the read and write access to branch. (Generally if you do this you might error while adding groups or users from the portal admin console).

After installation of the Tivoli directory server web administration tool (IDSWebApp) successfully , login with TDS admin user and password

Edit ACL for the suffix that we have added initially

On the left hand side, click on the Non-filtered ACLs. Select the Propagate ACLs check box to allow descendants without an explicitly defined ACL to inherit from this entry. Enter the distinguished name of the wpsbind user like uid=wpsbind, cn=users, dc=sivavaka, dc=com


  1. Problem Importing LDIF file, Even after successful installation of TDS and directory server instance creation, I am not able to import the sample portalusers.ldif , upon quick research came to know that it is known problem with running with DB2 v9.7 at fix pack level 1.

GLPSRV200I Initializing primary database and its connections.
GLPRDB001E Error code -1 from function:"SQLConnect " dsrdbm01 .
GLPRDB004E The directory server is unable to connect to the database.



Found that this is issue with DB2 Fixpack 1 and need to upgrade to fixpack 2  (Check DB2 Upgrdate instructions to Install DB2 fix pack 2)

After installing the fixpack 2 (DB2 9.7), Now I am don't see "unable to connect to database error" anymore and I am able to import the sample portalusers.ldif successfully

  1. Issues with fixpack 1
  2. Fixes location :

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