Building WebSphere Portal 7 Cluster Environment with two horizontal portal nodes ( Installation and configuration of WP7, TDS v6.2, DB2 v9.7 , IBM HTTP Server v7)

Simply followed WP v7 Cluster guide (Link provided in references section) published by IBM L2 team, but there are few deviations/additions like below as per my requirements

  1. Portal DB transfer :: I have transferred all schemas to single database instance (Where as in IBM Cluster Guide,  explains transferring it to different database instances)
  2. DMGR profile creation :: As 64-bit operating systems doesn't support the profile management tool wizard , had to execute commands (Where as in IBM Cluster Guide, uses the wizard to create the DMGR profile)
  3. WAS ND installation for DMGR :: I have used the WAS ND deployed as part of the portal install (Where as in IBM Cluster Guide, remote installation of WAS ND is explained)
  4. Adding the Federated LDAP repositories :: Used WAS console to add the federated LDAP (Where as in IBM Cluster Guide, explains commands to create the repository)
  5. DB2 Installation and configuration for the websphere Portal 
  6. TDS installation and configuration for Websphere Portal

     Divided into multiple articles
  1. Websphere Portal Database Transfer (DB2)
  2. Clustering : Create DMGR Profile and Agument
  3. Clustering : Federate and cluster the primary node
  4. Configuring security : Configure the Portal Cluster with Federated LDAP Repositories
  5. Configuring security : Issues faced while configure Federated LDAP Repositories
  6. Adding horizontal portal node-part1: Install portal with binary only & Registering Profile Templates
  7. Adding horizontal portal node-part2: Create wp profile using pmt (profile management tool)
  8. Adding horizontal portal node-part3: Add node to DMGR and Update cluster members
  10. DB2 v9.7 Installation
  11. DB2 v9.7 database creation
  12. DB2 v9.7 Augmenting/configuring for the WebSphere Portal
  13. DB2 v9.7 Applying Fixpack
  14. DB2 v9.7 Issues faced during db transfer
  16. TDS v6.2 Installation
  17. TDS v6.2 Directory Server Instance Creation
  18. TDS v6.2 Configuring for the WebSphere Portal
  19. TDS v6.2 Installing IDSWebApp (web admin tool) on the Websphere
  21. IHS v7 Installation
  22. IHS v7 Plugin generation for the WebSphere

  1. Adding the Federated Repository from the WAS ISC Console
  2. Uninstalling WebSphere Portal 7


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