Adding horizontal portal node-part2: Create wp profile using pmt (profile management tool)

1. On the WebSphere Portal additional node, launch the Profile Management Tool C:\IBM\WP7\AppServer\bin\ProfileManagement\pmt.bat

2. On the Welcome screen, click the 'Launch Profile Management Tool' button

 NOTE: Do NOT use the same node name as your primary node. You will be unable to add this node to the DMGR cell if the node names are identical.

3. IMPORTANT: Check the box for 'Federate this node later'. If you federate the node now, the Portal cluster member will be unusable

4. On the Security Certificate screen, choose the default one to create new certificates. Click Next

Accepted the default values

Review and create the profile

NOTE: A WebSphere_Portal server will NOT be created during the profile creation. The WebSphere_Portal server will be created after the node is added to the existing cluster

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