Adding horizontal portal node-part1: Install portal with binary only & Registering Profile Templates

1. Install websphere portal using binary install option

./ -W defaults.isBinaryInstall=true
Install.bat -W defaults.isBinaryInstall=true

NOTE: The flag defaults.isBinaryInstall=true tells the installer to not create a Portal profile. Instead, we will use the Profile Management Tool to create a Portal profile and federate it to the Deployment Manager later in this guide.

2. As part of the above it doesn’t create any profile (wp_proflie directory ).

3. Create a directory called profileTemplates within the <PortalServer root> directory i.e. C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer\profileTemplates

4. Copy <PortalServer root>/profileTemplates/ from the Primary Portal node to the newly created <PortalServer root>/profileTemplates directory on the additional node.

5. Unzip the file into the <PortalServer root>/profileTemplates directory on the additional node.

6. From the <PortalServer root>/profileTemplates directory, execute the following command:

./ <AppServer root>
installPortalTemplates.bat C:\IBM\WP7\AppServer

C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer\profileTemplates>installPortalTemplates.bat C:\IBM\WP7\AppServer
"checking availability of setupCmdLine.bat"
"registering the profileTemplates in C:\IBM\WP7\AppServer"
WSVR0615W: The user.install.root system property is not set. Some product classes might not be found.
Buildfile: installPortalTemplates.ant
[echo] Using Portal home directory: C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer
[echo] Using WAS home directory: C:\IBM\WP7\AppServer
[copy] Copying 2 files to C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer\profileTemplates\default.portal
[copy] Copying 2 files to C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer\profileTemplates\managed.portal
[copy] Copying 2 files to C:\IBM\WP7\AppServer\bin\ProfileManagement\plugins
[echo] fixing up file C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer/profileTemplates/default.portal/templateMetadata.xml
[echo] fixing up file C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer/profileTemplates/managed.portal/templateMetadata.xml
[echo] fixing up file C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer/profileTemplates/managed.portal.augment/templateMetadata.xml

[echo] fixing up file C:\IBM\WP7\PortalServer/profileTemplates/management.portal.augment/templateMetadata.xml

Total time: 6 seconds


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