MQ Server 7.5 Installation (On Windows 7 64-bit Professional)

Used Websphere MQ Launchpad and make sure software requirements for the MQ satisfies. All prerequisites must satisfy ( network configuration) .

1.     When installing Websphere MQ - I was asked:
"Do you need to configure a domain user ID for Websphere MQ to run under" and I selected NO. (Because the server is not in a domain)

2. These configurations works when I have the client and server on the same machine

Select language and accept the terms

 I choose the custom installation option and gave the MQ path

After successful installation , you configure the webspheer MQ if any changes (even at the later point) using the prepare wizard.

1.      When I tried to connect to Queue Manager(QM1) from the MQ explorer , got the following error
  Could not establish a connection to the queue manager - reason 2538. (AMQ4059)
  Could not establish a connection to the queue manager - reason 2538. (AMQ4059)
  Severity: 10 (Warning)
       Explanation: The attempt to connect to the queue manager failed. This could be because the queue manager is incorrectly configured to allow a connection from this system, or the connection has been broken.
  Response: Try the operation again. If the error persists, examine the problem determination information to see if any information has been recorded.

  To avoid this problem in Window 7 , make sure to open MQ explorer as "administrator" or login (then by default you will the QM1 connected).

Installing Licenses

Run as adminstrator
C:\IBM\WebSphereMQ\bin>setmqprd c:/temp/amqpcert.lic

As part of installation , "MUSER_MQADMIN" user got created as local windows 7 user (This is special user account and doesn’t appear on the logon screen like hidden user in windows).
When you install WebSphere MQ and run the Prepare WebSphere MQ Wizard for the first time, it creates a local user account for AMQMSRVN called MUSR_MQADMIN with the required settings and permissions. The password for MUSR_MQADMIN is randomly generated when the account is created, and used to configure the logon environment for AMQMSRVN. The generated password does not expire.



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