MySQL Installation

As part of testing spring portlet application locally,  I had to install MySQL in my local workstation and captured the following details while installation.

1.      Download MySQL community server for your operating system ( these screens are captured based on Windows 7 64-bit )

2.      Click on “download” to download “mysql-installer-community-” (this version is when I downloaded)

3.      Once download is finished , Run installer.

4.      Choose installation type “Full”

It asked me to install the Visual Studio 2010 tools for office runtime.

5.      I have chosen  “Development Machine” option and default TCP/IP enabled

6.      Specify the MySQL Root password

7.      And I have added admin user (in addition to root, this step is not mandatory)

8.      Select to “run as the windows service”

9.      Specify log file location

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