Configuring SpringIDE plug-in in RAD 8.0

As part of  spring portlet development on RAD 8.0, configured Spring IDE plugins to RAD 8.0 .  

NOTE: As RAD8.0 is based on Eclipse 3.6, suggest to install the Spring IDE for the eclipse 3.6 . 

1.      Import the following bookmarks URL in RAD install new software

either you can download the xml file and import or you can point URL directly by clicking “add”

From RAD --> Window --> preferences --> install/Update --> Available Software

From RAD --> Help --> Install New Software -->add

2.      Have selected the following modules ( if we choose something doesn’t support then dependencies will not let you install)

3.      Either you can accept or reject that consent for the anonymous data

4.      Once plugin installation is successful, it restarts the workbench and displays spring source dashboard.


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