WebDAV Problems : Conflicts with implicit login filter – 302 redirect issue

We had the implicit login filter (authentication filter) setup on portal and it internally redirects different portal pages based on the user login and it works fine. But when we tried to access the WebDAV through any of the WebDAV clients none them are able to connect .  I made sure all setting and access points and security properly set as in my old post but still had problem.

After analyzing the WebDAV request and response properly , figured out the there  is 302 redirect response from server when we try to access the WebDAV . Initially I suspected the problem might be causing because of HTTP Basic Trust Interceptor as mentioned in below IBM support article but didn’t help.

After analyzing further more on the WebDAV request and responses , figured out each WebDAV request sent from the client is trying make login by sending credential through basic auth and causing the portal’s implicit login filter is intercepting the WebDAV request.  


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for useful info. How did you resolve the issue?
    Please email me to habeep2k1@gmail.com

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. We were using the webdav just for the layout changes and those changes were not so frequent and to handle this scenario we disabled loginfilter before making webdav changes and enable it back after changes.

      But another thing that you may try is based on the request URL pattern don't set any redirect URL in filterchaincontext.