New Authoring Home Pages and Lauch JSP in WCM8

Finally I get chance to do hands on WP & WCM8 features and how it works .

By default wcm8 provides the following different authoring home pages or launch pages when you access the authoring Portlet for first time.

a.       Basic Home Page:  This is for content authors who only need to create items and who usually doesn't access advanced library explorer

NOTE: To set different authoring templates to display on home page add the following key/value pair in WCMConfigservice i.e. key : wcm.authoringui.homePageTemplates    value: Library 1/Template Name:Library 2/folder/Template Name 2
b.      HomePage :  This is for content authors who need to complete tasks like create items, editing their drafts and approving/recjecting content . This home has a section to view recent acitivity.

c.       LaunchPage  : You can add or customize the launch JSP

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