JSR 286 Web Content Viewer Portlet – Additional features in wp8 - part 2

Observed few additions to JSR286 Web Content Viewer portletas part of WP8 and seems following feature solves problems of some clientrequirements easily.

         Attaching“relative path” to content viewer instead of direct content path

a.       Anotheruseful feature is “Relative path” content mapping . It will be useful if yourWCM information Architecture have repeated sitearea structure under same libraryor under the different libraries .

b.      Assumeif you configure a webcontent viewer cloned portlet to display “Featured Story”from “LearningAndDevelopment Home” sitearea and if content path is like “sivatestlibrary/LearningAndDevelopment/Home/featuredstory”  and place this portlet on the “L&D  home” portal page (this page has mapping like“LearningAndDevelopment/Home”).

Fig: Configuration ofcloned web content viewer portlet

c.       Whenyou add above cloned portlet on the “HR Home” (this page has mapping like “sivatestlibrary/HR/Home” ) .  As the above content viewer is configured todisplay the relative path, when you access the HR home page , it renders the “featuredstory”content item from “sivatestlibrary/HR/Home /featuredstory “ .

Fig: Once cloned portlet is placed on the HR Home page(“tree icon” indicates that content path derived relatively i.e(“/sivatestlibrary/HR/Home” is sitearea associated with HR Home page and“featuredstory” is content path from cloned web content viewer portlet ) .

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