AJAX Proxy Forbidden (403) errors – URL encoding issues -- WP7

Portal Ajax proxy returns 403 error code in either of the following two cases:
  • The request was not accepted by the proxy, that is the proxy found no matching access policy that grants access to the target server.
  • Basic authentication failure

Even after successful configuration of simple ajax proxy rule , I was keep getting the 403 error when we were trying accessing the url like below

                <proxy:policy url="http://sivavaka.blogspot.com/*" acf="none">

Reason for 403 error code in this scenario is “|” (pipe symbol), that is causing the URL doesn’t match or goes through portal ajax proxy and throwing forbidden(403) error.

It is always suggestible to encode the special characters in the URL when configuring the AJAX proxy. In the above scenario “%7C” replacing pipe symbol works fine.


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