WCM Security Details - WCM7 - Part3

In Contd. Part 1 and Part 2,

WCM Inline Authoring tools security

1.       Inline authoring requires users have access to both the  “Item Type” at library level and individual item
2.       Example: to edit the current content , you need ‘edit’ access to the ‘Content’ Item Type within the library where the content resides plus edit access to the actual item
3.       Read access to authoring tool component itself

Note: you should have at least “privileged user” permission on the reserved authoring portlet page because when you click inline authoring tools it opens up reserved authoring  portlet  

Personalization Workspace security

1.       As explained in  WCM Security Part 2  setting at the “access on root” from webcontent libraries portlet  will give access to all WCM libraries (Because all wcm libraries are organized in a hierarchy with a common root ).

2.       But important thing is WCM libraries common root inherits the access permissions  from the “personalization workspace” access settings as shown in above diagram. Unless you block propagation at the personalization workspace level , all access permissions flow throw the WCM libraries.

3.       You can set the permission for personalization workspace as shown below ( applicationsàcontentàpersonalizationàbusiness rulesàselect workspaceàextra actionsàedit access)


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