Create WebContent Viewer Portlet Clone-multiple WCM portlets instances with same configuration

Use Case: 
When you have WCM content viewer portlet on the multiple pages with same configuration like right rail portlets (support or contact us …etc) where its configured with same content items or JSP component (context will be depend on the sitearea associated with page ..etc).


1. Clone the Web Content Viewer – (JSR 286) portlet and name that like “CMP-FeaturedArticles” based on requirement

2. Once you clone the portlet , Click on the configure portlet and set the following preferences based on requirement.

3. Add the following preferences

4. Now you can add instance of this portlet on any page , all instances will get same preferences or WCM configuration. This will reduce effort to configure the each portlet instance manually.


1. You can pass different set of preferences , to identify exact key value pairs export sample page with WCM portlet configured manually or  Click Here for the full list of XML configuration interface parameters for the JSR 286 web content viewer.

2. If you are using the Web content pages (portal pages with content mapping) then context of the page will be the sitearea attached.

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