Setting “Advanced Editor i.e. Editlive editor” on WCM inline editing tools popup or overlay

Changing the "Rich text options" ( Preferences-->Edit Shared Settings) to "Advanced Editor"  in the WCM authoring portlet doesn't help to enable the "ephox editor" when we are using the inline authoring (inline authoring tools components).

WCM uses special instance of the authoring portlet that is reserved specifically for web content authoring tasks like inline authoring (using inline authoring tools components..etc). This is installed on page that is hidden from the page navigation available to typical users.

You need to change the "Rich text options" of reserved portlet ( You can navigate to hidden page as Select PageNext levelContent RootNext levelHidden PagesCurrent levelWeb Content Management)

The following tasks use the reserved authoring portlet:
  • Selecting a web content folder when creating or editing the properties of a web content page.
  • Configuring the JSR 286 web content viewer, such as selecting the content item to display.
  • Performing inline editing using authoring tools components rendered in the JSR 286 web content viewer.
The unique name of the hidden portal page is and 
the unique name of the portlet window of the authoring portlet instance on the hidden portal page is

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  1. Upgraded our WebSphere Portal Enable environment with CF10 and the EditLive 9 update (IFPI11933). Can't make EditLive 9 the default inline editor. EditLive 9 is the default WCM authoring editor. Changed the hidden page's authoring portlet, but this did not make a difference. Any idea as to what the issue could be?

  2. "Can't make EditLive 9 the default inline editor. EditLive 9 is the default WCM authoring editor." , Not sure what do you mean exactly here?

    Few things to make sure
    1. Check Editlive application is started properly from admin console
    2. You can also check the "configure" in addition to "edit shared settings"