Page-based access control with WCM pages (Delegating the access control to sitearea)

Recently working on security setup and found this feature is very useful when you are using the WCM pages (Portal page with wcm sitearea mapping)

When page-based access control enabled for site area associated with WCM page, a user who is authorized to view the page is also automatically authorized to view all content under the site area that is associated with the page.

When page-based access control is enabled, rendering performance may get improved .

To enable page-based access control
  1. Ensure that the Web content page is associated with a site area or folder in the Web content system.
  2. Select View access to this page shall imply view access on all resources contained in web_content_library/folder.

  1.  The following access rights are required:
    1. Administrator @ wcm_library, where wcm_library represents the library containing the content that is mapped to the Web content page.
    2. Administrator @ CONTENT_MAPPINGS  (Virtual Resource)
    3. Editor @ wcm_page, where wcm_page represents the Web content page for which you want to enable page-based access.
NOTE:  This is only consider the view access at rendering time (It doesn't really do anything related ACL administration on WCM side) . 

ClickHere for the wiki article

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