Custom Launch Pages WCM7 (

What is custom launch page ? 
Custom Launch Page is another view of the Authoring Portlet. It will make Content Authors not worry about the lot things that they don't need worry about it. It reduces lot cluttering while authoring.

Following are custom launch pages are available as out of the box in IBM wcm7.0.0.1
a). /jsp/html/BasicHomePage.jsp
b). /jsp/html/HomePage.jsp
c). /jsp/html/defaultLaunchPage.jsp

you can find these jsp files under

Following screen shows how to configure the custom launch page in authoring portlet

BasicHomePage Custom Launch will look like below (/jsp/html/BasicHomePage.jsp)

HomePage Custom Launch will look like below (/jsp/html/HomePage.jsp)

Default Launch Page (/jsp/html/defaultLaunchPage.jsp) will just display the link to authoring portlet back.

Note: We can always add additional custom WCM API code inside these JSP's to enhance or modify according to the business requirement.

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