Features included in IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0 Beta

Web Analytics
  • More flexible options to tag pages, portlets or web content and measure their usefulness through campaign and custom tags.
  • New user-friendly overlay statistics provide an in-line view to track effectiveness of a web property.
Social Business in Context
  • New Community Page support lets you more readily scope and place IBM Connections portlets in the right Portal and Web Content Manager context.
  • A consistent tagging and rating experience between WebSphere Portal, Web Content Manager, and IBM Connections.
  • OpenID Authentication lets portal users authenticate with public social network credentials, such as a Google, Yahoo or Facebook ID.
  • For your convenience, the current image has OpenID Authentication enabled for Yahoo and Google providers.
Search Optimization
  • Optimize external search for web content rendered through WebSphere Portal.
CMIS support for federated documents
  • The federated documents feature of Web Content Manager enables you to insert links to content that resides in a remote content repository. You can now insert links to documents from repositories that support Content Management Interoperability Services 1.0 (CMIS 1.0).
Content templating enhancements
  • The content templating features of Web Content Manager have been expanded to make creating and delivering web content faster and easier. Web content viewers, web content page templates, and content mappings work together to provide a flexible framework that you can use to quickly assemble pages containing web content. To illustrate how these building blocks work together, Web Content Manager includes preinstalled web content libraries with sample web content.
Web Content Manager Authoring Homepage
  • The new homepage provides a customized entry point for different types of users. Essentially providing a role-based and a simple, single-page user interface,that allows casual authors to easily create and submit content; frequent contributors to create and work with their items; and power users to easily see what is going on across the site and to quickly create or edit any of the items they are responsible for.

Web Content Manager RESTful Service
  • The new REST service makes all of the information in the repository easily accessible without compromising security. A simple URL interface allows developers to create queries and to utilize this information to extend the authoring user interface easily or within the site itself (for example, to extend in-line editing or build custom applications).

Site Area Templates
  • Site areas are now treated as content allowing services such as workflow, versioning and metadata profiling to be taken advantage of.
  • Site administrators can restrict what type of items can be created within the site providing more granular control.
  • Site areas can also now be rendered directly (mapping presentation templates to site areas types).

    These enhancements provide authors with the ability to create 'compound' documents; with site areas acting as a parent and containing content items (within sub-site areas if desired too) such as guides and multi-page content items.

New Menu and Navigator options
  • Enhancements to the menu and navigator components provide new configuration options including scoping menu queries to a library and defining the starting point for navigators based on the page context or via a query string. This enables the reuse of the same components within different parts of the site, instead of cloning the same component multiple times with different queries/staring points, cutting development and maintenance time significantly. Additionally navigators now support producing hierarchical markup (for example, unordered or ordered lists) making it possible to follow modern web patterns and also produce accessible page navigation.

Hightlights of WCM features
  • WCM Customizable Authoring home page for different type of users.
  • WCM RESTFull service
  • Site areas are now treated as content (can map presentation template directly to siteareas)

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