Multilingual site solution for LWCM7

IBM has updated Multilingual solution for Portal and Web Content Management V7.

General Idea behind multilingual(multi locale) site is to have multiple libraries in WCM, each library serves different locale. One library acts as default (master library) and all other libraries mirror the master, except they contain translated content.

When you create a piece of content in the master library through the authoring portlet, you can have that content item copied to each of the localized libraries.  While that content won’t be translated automatically, you can have WCM’s workflow kickoff to notify the owners of each library to begin the translation process. 

ClickHere to download solution from the IBM Lotus GreenHouse Business Catalog.

This solution contains custom workflow actions that can be embedded into your workflows to keep the various libraries in-sync.  So as you edit content, publish it, move it, expire or delete it in the master library, the workflow tasks implement these same actions in the localized libraries.

This new version includes enhancements that are worth noting:
  • An Authoring Plug-in (aka Custom Fields) to display information about associated language translations;
  • A number of Workflow Synchronization Plug-ins (aka Custom Workflow Actions) to automate the creation of translated documents and handle publishing, expiry and delete synchronization of those documents;
  • Installation of the solution is much easier.  IBM included an install batch file that adds plug-ins, etc to the correct applications.
  • A Library Copy Portlet allows you to copy the master library to the localized libraries when setting up a new locale.
  • A number of Rendering Plug-ins (aka LRP Context Processor and Servlet JSPs) to enable end-users to see content in the right language and allow switching between languages;

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