Dynacache Replication in Cluster Environment

You may need to setup the dynacache replication domain when you have some sort of configuration information need share across the clusters in dynacache objects

Following steps explains setting up the replicated dynacache in cluster environment
    1. Login to the WebSphere Administrative console for your server.
    2. Go to Resources > Cache Instances > Object cache instances .
    3. Click the Browse Clusters button and choose the cluster that you want to create the cache for.
    4. Click Apply to save your choices.
    5. Click New to create a new cache.
    6. Enter missedabspath in the Name field and services/cache/iwk/missed in the JNDI name field. These values are used to lookup the cache and use it. Leave all other fields set to their default values.
    7. Select Enable Cache Replication.
    8. Go to the Full group replication domain drop-down box and select the name of the cluster you want to cache.
    9. Select Choose Push-Only from the Replication type drop down box.
    10. Enter 1 in the Push Frequency field. Leave all other fields set to their default values.
    11. Click OK and then Save > Save > OK.

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    1. Hi Siva,

      We have three nodes in a cluster, we have done the same setting which you have mentioned to create Object Cache Instances. But sometimes values are getting duplicated in the cache. I am filling in values in these caches during server start up with the help of Logout filters. If I restart all the applications again in the same sequence I am not able to recreate them.