Handling the "myportal" and "portal" for authenticated and un-authenticated users in WCM generated links

<URLCmpnt context="current" type="content" mode="portal" portalTarget="virtual_portal_name/name_of_the_URL_mapping"/>

Following are the steps to handle the "myportal" and "portal" in WCM generated links using tags like above

1. Go to <WebSphere Server root>\wp_profile\PortalServer\config
2. Open ConfigService.properties using text editing tool.
3. Uncomment this property :uri.home.substitution and set it to true (initially it is commented.)
uri.home.substitution = true
4. Open CMD goto <WebSphere Server root>\wp_profile\ConfigEngine
5. Type ConfigEngine.bat update-properties
6. Restart your portal server for your changes to effect.

This property automatically handles this portal myportal issue. i.e if user is logged it will be myportal, if logged out then portal.

Check out this link for more information on this:

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