Displaying current content path in presenation template

Couple of ways we can display current content path in presentation template

Approach 1:  Create a Navigator as below and refer in presentation template

Create a Navigator Component  :

        Start Type: Current Content
        Selected Start Area:None
        Include Start: true
        Ancestor Level: None
        Descendant Level: None
        Preceding Siblings Level: None
        Next Siblings Level: None
        Show Site: false
        Show Content: true
        Expand current navigator branch one level: false
        Expand navigator to display current site area: false
        Results per page:1
        Start page:1
        Maximum pages to include:1
        Pages to read ahead:1

And add the following in design section "<Placeholder tag="sitepath"/> ..

Then include the Navigator component in the Presentation template

        <Component  name="Design/nav_content_path"/>

Approach 2:

Another way is create JSP component and code inside the JSP will like below

RenderingContext renderingContext = (RenderingContext)request.getAttribute(Workspace.WCM_RENDERINGCONTEXT_KEY);

if ( renderingContext != null ){
out.println( renderingContext.getPath());

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