Accessing elements of any Content Item from other content presentation templates (or from design elements)

We can access the elements of the other content Items directly using element tag with following options.

<Element context="selected" name="library/site/sitearea/sitearea/contentitem" type="content" key="eleName"/>

Here "name" attribute can be any of below 

a). name="library/contentItem"

If you specify the name as above then it find out the contentItem within the library but you can't use this if you have mulitple content items in library with same name(use below in this case).

b). name="library/site/sitearea/sitearea/contentItem"

If a content item with the same name is used in more than one site, then you must specify name value as above to select the appropriate content item.

c). name="./contentItem"
To use the library specified in the URL of the current page , use name value as above. If you specify name="./contentItem", the library name will not appear in your presentation template or element design. The actual path will not be resolved until the item is rendered

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