Portlet Process Action is not gettnig called

Problem Description : Process Action of portlet is not getting called when clicked on the WPS link (action link generated using wps:urlgenration or portlet:action) it don’t call the processAction second time

Promblem Cause: Portal will call processAction only once using the url (i.e reasonable)  . For example if we have link that is action url and opening in new window , then only first time it will call the processAction and portal will mark that link as dirty as we have called processAction using that method once. ( If we are opening page in same window then there is no way you can call the processAction second time). It is expected behavior


Use the doview or render URL instead or copy the following in portlet.xml


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  1. Thanks man.... You have saved my life. I have been assigned to a task related with this stuff.... Amazing and God bless You.